If you have a suggestion, comment, or concern please feel free to contact anyone of us at any time as our goal is to make the Lady Eagles the best program in the Tri-State area.  We always welcome any feedback.


If you are upset with a coach or playing time with your daughter please keep in mind we do adhere to a 48 hour rule to calm down.  Once 48 hours have passed if you are still upset please contact the team feedback cordinator.  He will evauluate your concern and present it to the board/coach so we can help rectify the situation. 


The Lady Eagles DO NOT condone any negative actions before, during, or after the game directed at any coach, teammate, or opponent whether is it s a parent or player as it is unbecomming of a Lady Eagle and will NOT be tolerated. 

Lady Eagles Board Members

- President: Ashley Tanner

- Vice President: Shayne Davidson

- Treasurer: Nicole Burkhartsmeier
- Parent Feedback Coordinator: Sarah Morgenroth

- Social Media Coordinator: Kaylee Desrosier

- Equipment Managers:  Rick Millar & Paul Boerboom