Eight Points of Emphasis Toward Becoming a Successful Team


1. Prioritize Preparation, Be prepared to practice the game and play the game. Have a plan for what you want to do and achieve.


2. Practice Matters Practice is where you improve - “Practice like you play”


3. Expect to be Successful, Expect to succeed. See yourself succeeding. See yourself doing things right and always expect positive results.


4. Be Competitive Always do your best and know that win or lose you tried your hardest


5. Treat Every Practice and Game Like a New Opportunity Believe in yourself and know that you always have a chance to compete and win every time you take the field.


6. Play with Integrity Be honest with yourself, teammates, and coaches. Commit to the fact that everyone on the team is an important part of total team success.


7. Be a Playmaker, not a Spectator Be the one who makes the play, don’t wait for someone else to make it for you.


8. Have Fun Enjoy the game and find satisfaction through your participation and involvement in the Lady Eagles fastpitch program.



Unwritten Lady Eagles Rules


1.) Always be early


2.) Say “Hello”


3.) Always hustle, -Everywhere


4.) Lend a helping hand - Never watch a coach or player do the work


5.) Take good care of your uniform and gear


6.) Keep your eye on the ball


7.) Remember to represent your school, team, and self appearance


8.) Support the team on and off the field


9.) Be honest


10.) If you are negative, you will be asked to leave


11.) Treat everyone with respect


12.) If you are late, always run


13.) No cell phones, texting during practice or games.


14.) Take losses seriously - reflect